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TURO cohosting services.

What is Turo?

TURO is a fast-growing car sharing platform that allows individuals to rent out their vehicles for extra income. Packsy got its start on the TURO platform and has successfully completed over 300 trips with hundreds of satisfied guests. We can help you leverage an asset that might already just be sitting in your driveway. Whether you want to rent full time or part time, Packsy can help. From listing to logistics to payout Packsy has streamlined its process and is now offering its services as a cohost.


What is a Cohost?

Cohosts are similar to property managers in the vacation rental world and can offer various services from vehicle delivery, cleaning, detailing, guest communication, vehicle storage, etc. Packsy handles ALL aspects of the process for you, you just collect the check.

why cohost with packsy?

Earn Passive Income

Do you have a potential side income just sitting in your driveway? Take advantage of our streamlined process, let us handle everything, and just collect the check!

5-Star Rating

Packsy has hosted over 300 guests and has hundreds of 5-star ratings and glowing reviews. Not only does this mean guests LOVE working with us, listing with us means your vehicle appears higher in search results.

Trusted Partners

Packsy was started in Charleston, SC with one van and a vision to make travel more enjoyable. We know what it means to treat our guests and our cohosts right.

what's included?

1 / listing otimization

We have mastered the TURO algorithm and will create a listing that gets bookings at the best rate. Our listing optimization includes well written descriptions, faqs, and photos.

2 / vehicle storage

Between trips, your vehicle will be stored at our secure vehicle lot.

3 / guest communication

We have streamlined our automated messaging system and guest communication techniques and extend our unparalleled customer service to your renters. 

4 / cleaning and maitanance

Packsy works with experienced vehicle cleaners and mechanics to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

5 / financial reporting

We provide monthly and annual financial reporting along with payouts.


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